Friday, June 10, 2011

Latest Royal Blog News

Here's what's happening in Royal Blogs this week:

Royal Blog Central now indexes more than 40 blogs, sites and forums about royalty. If you need to be added, just send me the details at I'm adding sites as quickly as I can, but it is a bit of a haphazard effort. Also, if you are on Twitter, let me know and I will also add you to my Royal Bloggers list there. I want to include blogs in other languages, too. My goal is to make this blog a really comprehensive resource!

Thanks to everyone who has been tweeting (@palaceprincess) and e-mailing me with more sites to include. Happy blogging!

Bloggers on Facebook
About a month ago, a few of us launched a Facebook group for Royal Bloggers. Just send a request to join.

New Royal Blogs

Musings of a Royal Nature
A blog for lovers of all things Royal. Launched 7 June 2011.
I've decided my thirst for all things Royal cannot be simply satisfied by twitter any longer so in to the blogesphere I venture....... "


Gosh there are a lot of blogs specifically about Kate Middleton/The Duchess of Cambridge!

Also, so many blogs start with the word royal or royalty, it's really starting to challenge my alphabetizing skills! ;)

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