Sunday, June 29, 2014

Engagement of Prince Carl Philipp

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström.
Photo Frankie Fouganthin
The long-expected engagement of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden to his live-in love Sofia Hellqvist has sparked a lot of coverage and conversation. It is after all a royal engagement and a Swedish royal wedding is anticipated to include the presence of MANY royals and LOTS of tiara sightings. However, this particular coupling also ignited some intense debate about the nature of modern royalty and its role in modern society, with once friendly Twitter followers even blocking each other over disagreements about whether it is appropriate for a princess to have had a career as a nude model and let's not even mention what folks on the forums thought about the announcement.

I say, let's be respectful of each others' opinions and civil in our discourse. We in the community of so-called "royal watchers" enjoy watching royals even if we don't always agree with their choices.

So, here is some royal blog coverage of the Swedish engagement for you to enjoy:


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