By Title

A Realeza
A Portugese-language blog: "Follow the activities of European royalty and get to know the monarchies of Europe better."

About William and Kate

"This blog follows the fairy tale romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This blog will also feature other members of the Royal Family, and extended Middleton family."

Albert I Koning der Belgen

Historic photos, videos and information are offered in both Dutch and French about this previous Belgian king on this Facebook page.

All Things Royal
Dutch language site featuring "the largest forum of the Benelux royalty!" Also includes special sections about jewels, Maxima and Diana.

The Anne Boleyn Files

Well-researched and colorfully written articles about Anne Boleyn and the world around her.

The Anne Boleyn Files Wiki

A site where readers can add their own content about Anne Boleyn.

Anything and Everything Royal

"A blog dedicated to following the daily lives of royals."

Arrayed in Gold

"Stories and portraits of royal and noble ladies throughout history."

Arbitrary History
Randomly posted, arbitrarily selected history gems and tidbits by the author of "An Unusual Journey through Royal History."

Baroque Explorations

By Sandra Gulland. A blog about her research into 17th and 18th century life.

Bernadotte Windsor

"A blog dedicated to the Swedish and British Royal Families. You'll occasionally find posts about other Royals though."

Biggest Kate Fan

"My idol is Kate Middleton i Love her lots she is the best ever :)" Launched July 2011.

Le Blog du Le Comte de Paris (French)

"C'est ce que je ressens pour la France et les Francais."

Blog sur la famille royale belge

[French] News (but not photos) about the Belgian royal family.

Blog Real

Portugese language site about world royalty. Click the link on the right side of the blog for its English version.

El Blog Real

A bilingual Spanish-English blog about European royal news. Launched 15 April 2011.

British Monarchist Society
e British Monarchist Society is an organisation which has been created to meet the needs of the British majority, in terms of defending their position in favour of the British Monarchy, against the moving anarchist’s tide of a republican minority."

British Royals

"Your source for the latest on the British royal family."

Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall
"It's all about our lovely, wonderful and adorable Duchess of Cornwall."

The Casiraghi Fan Club Royal Fanzine

"We seek the humanity in royalty. We are inspired by the human story of every prince and princess." Covers Casiraghis and young royals.

The Catherine Cambridge Report

[Formerly The Kate Middleton Report] Commentary on news stories about The Duchess of Cambridge. "Satirical and occasionally profound."

Catherine Middleton

"The internet's leading source for Catherine Middleton Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). Here we aim to provide you with everything Kate."

Certified Royal Expert

A sometimes amusing, sometimes challenging, always interesting series of quizzes and answers on a variety of royal topics.

Cheeks and Charlie

"Follows Their Royal Highnesses Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge through their colorful, wonderful childhood. From official photographs, to fashion choices, to raising a little royal."

Confrerie Royale (French)

"Lettre aux membres et sympathisants de la Confrerie Royale."

Coronas Reales on Comer, Viajar, Amar

"Noticias de la Realeza"

La Corte Reale

[Italian] Lots and lots of photos.

La couronne (French)

"Le blog de soutien a la famille royale de France"

The Court Jeweller

"Bringing you the sparkling heirloom jewels of royal and noble families from across the globe."

Cross of Laeken

"Dedicated to the Catholic monarchs of Belgium and other topics of historical, cultural, human, political, and religious interest."

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

"The life and times of the woman who will bring about the fall of the Danish Royal Family ~ All characters and events in this blog are ficticious and bloom only from the ripe imagination of overactive minds."

Current Royal News

"Here you can find pictures and news of among others births, christenings, engagements, weddings and holidays."

Danish Royal Media Watch

A bit of satire about the Danish royal family

Deo Juvante

"A history of the Grimaldis"

Diana Mandache's Weblog

Royal history and news with a particular interest in Romanian royal history.

Duchess of Cambridge Style

Covering Catherine's clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, events and philanthropy. Launched June 2011.

Duchess Catherine Style Blog

"This blog is dedicated to the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge and her style! I will try to keep this up to date with all news on what she's wearing and when her next appearences will be! With respect to HRH, and her style!"

The Duchess Diary

An online series about Catherine and the Royal Family hosted by Kelly Lynch.

Duchess Kate

The life and style of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Including the latest news and photos.


"a place where [we] can come together to learn, share and experience in a new and unique way our intriguing and complex friends, the Plantagenets and Tudors...We call it serious history with a pop twist."

Edward II

By Kathryn Warner. "Why almost everything you think you know about Edward II is wrong; welcome to the site which examines the events, issues and personalities of Edward II's reign, 1307-1327."

European Royals Fashion

"My fashion finds for European Queens and Princesses!

European Royalty & Nobility

Jantiena Fieyra brings you into the world of Europe’s royal families. She will show you all about the families, their lives, where they live and what they do.

La Famille Princière de Monaco

[French] Photos and videos about the princely family of Monaco.

Frederik et Mary de Danemark (French)

"Site traitant de l'actualite du couple heritier au trone du Danemark."

From Berkshire to Buckingham

Dedicated to following HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton. Reports on clothes, best news links, or anything British.

Goddess, Saint, Noblewoman, Nun

"This blog is a royal calendar of sorts. It's meant to recognize the birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other life events of royalty all over the globe."

Grand Duchess Elizabeth And Other Stories

Despite the title, it includes a wide range of historic, often biographical posts about princesses. By the author of "Royalties of Europe 1860-1918."

Harry Supporter's Channel

YouTube channel dedicated to Harry-related videos.

History Refreshed

By Susan Higginbotham. "A Historical Novelist's New Perspectives on Old Times."

History of Royal Women (blog)

A multifaceted site by an international set of contributors, covering royal ladies of the past with some of today's royal news.

History of Royal Women (Facebook)

With more than 100,000 followers, this Facebook page is a companion to the blog of the same name that traces royal ladies across all generations and all nations.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge
"HRH's work, patronages and more."

HRH Prince Harry

Proclaiming "Second is the New First," offers complete coverage of the second in line to the British Throne.

HRH The Countess of Wessex

Information about Sophie's work, events, fashion and more.

Joan's Mad Monarchs

"This is a series of biographies on the personal lives of histories mad royals...Although not all Royals in this series were clinically mad, they certainly were peculiar."

Jurnal de Istoric

[Romanian] Royal ştiri şi istorie, cu un interes special în România.

Kate Middleton Style Blog

Following Catherine's style choices and offering information about styles inspired by her.

Ksiezna Mary [Polish]

"The best source of information about the future queen."


"A blog about the royal family of Sweden!"

The Land of Analie

"I am an unabashed royal watcher and London lover. I am very much in love with the tradition and history both offer, as well as the new twists the modern age has lent that tradition. (The pomp and glitter doesn’t hurt, either.)"

Les Favorites Royales [French]
"La découverte du pouvoir secret des femmes"

Life with the Duchess in DC

"Hi, I am Suzanne thanks for stopping by and reading about my adventures, and my love of all things British." Launched June 2011.


Thoughtful articles about the Grand Duke and his family.

Mad Hattery!

"Bringing you the very best in ridiculous royal hats." And lots of tiara news too!

Mad About Meghan
"The life and style of Meghan Markle"

Mad for Monaco

"The history, monarchy and personalities of the Principality of Monaco."

The Mad Monarchist

Historical profiles, photo montages, royal news and the occasional mad rant.

Mandy's British Royalty

"With over a decade of of the top authorities on the monarchy today." Includes jewels, residences, honors, speeches and more.

Maria's Royal Collection

A collection of historic photos of royal ladies.

Marilyn's Royal Blog

"An occasionally humourous, always informative blog about British Royalty." Insightful and thorough.

Mary Queen of Scots
A closed Facebook group offering a discussion of the life and times of the enigmatic Scottish queen.

Mary from the Start
"A look at Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, from the time she was Mary Donaldson until today."

Mary, Princess Royal, Lady Lascelles, Lady Harewood
A Tumblr site documenting the life of the only daughter of Britain's King George V and Queen Mary.

Meghan Markle Review"A blog about Meghan Markle, her life and charity work, and Prince Harry."

Meghan's Fashion
"A gallery of Meghan Markle's style."

Meghan's Mirror
"Founded in late 2016, it has quickly become the go-to source for all things Meghan Markle and her style."

Modekoningin Mathilde

The style and daily activities of Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

Modekoningin Maxima
The style and daily activities of Queen Maxima of The Netherlands, as well as Queen Letizia and the Crown Princesses.

Mr. Harry Wales

This Tumblr account offers photos, fan fiction, and more about Prince Harry.

A Nevill Feast

By Karen Clark. "The Nevills were a hugely powerful and important family in the middle decades of the 15th century. They saw the Wars of the Roses from both sides (Yorkist and Lancastrian), but mainly from their own."

New My Royals Hollywood Fashion

Covering all of royal Europe with indexes both by royal lady and by fashion designer.

NOS Evenementen

[Dutch] A royal blog presented by the Dutch news organization NOS.

Of a Royal Nature

A blog for lovers of all things Royal. Launched 7 June 2011.

A Petite Princess

"Shop the royal style in petites."

Prince Harry Supporter

Tumblr fanpage that "supports everything related to Prince Harry and Royal Family"

Prince Michael's Chronicles

"I have only one motivation for creating this site: to share...Finally, I love stories. I love to listening to them and telling them. So, I will tell them to you."

Supports Everything Related To Prince Harry and Royal Family - See more at:
Supports Everything Related To Prince Harry and Royal Family - See more at:
News and photos about Europe's princesses.

Princess Catherine Fashion Watch

Set to be a "style icon for decades," Catherine's fashion choices are monitored here.

The Princess Family

"A blog dedicated to the Princess Family of Sweden - Madeleine, Christopher, Leonore, Nicolas and Baby Sunshine!"

Princess Luise of Tuscany, Crown Princess of Tuscany
"This site featuring postcards and information is about ex-Crown Princess Louise of Saxony (Princess Luise of Tuscany), also known as Countess Montignoso and Madame Toselli. She would have been Queen of Saxony however her path in life was destined for scandal and exile."

Princess Palace

Photos and commentary about contemporary princesses as well as lengthier nonfiction stories about historical princesses.

Princesses' Lives

Current news photos of princesses on and off duty.

Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians

A Facebook "public figure" page that is regularly updated with photos, videos and information about the early 20th century consort and her family.

Queen Victoria's Granddaughters
Launched as part of the release of the book Four Graces: Queen Victoria's Hessian Granddaughters, this Facebook public group shares photos and information about the grandchildren of Queen Victoria and their descendants.

Queen Victoria Revealed
"This is just about Queen Victoria, her family and her marriage."

Queens of England

"Royalty, queens, princesses and consorts. All things royal -- past, present and future."

Radical Royalist

"These are troubled times, but I guess monarchists have something to say and something to offer as a possible solution for many problems that shake the world."

Reflections of a Young Fogey

"Reflections, Recollections, Remembrances and Reminiscences"

Reines and Princesses
[French] Photos and fashion of Europe's princesses.


"This website was created as a space to easily find your favorite pieces and inexpensive style alternatives" to correspond with the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices. From the same group as What Would Kate Do and Meghan's Mirror.

A Right Royal Blog

"Ready to spill the insider facts you won’t see anywhere else. Who’s who, what’s what, the family jewels, the new hats, the old boyfriends — the works."

Royal Book News

Reviews of books about British and European royalty in English and other languages.

Royal Central

A one-stop source for the latest British royal news. Truly comprehensive.

The Royal Chronicles

Commentary, special features, outtakes, and extras from The Royal Report online radio show.

The Royal Correspondent

Daily news and gossip about Europe's royal families.

The Royal Courts/Les Cours Royales

"Your daily news, historical and artistic facts and companions. A social hub functionality for community interactions, events and engagement, discussion with the Royal twist for her."

The Royal Couturier

"A celebration of everything royal, majestic and purely elegant. Over the past few years, TRC has helped highlight some long lost and forgotten monarchies and, of course, ensembles as well as bring attention to designers that are either too old or too new to be seen on the mainstream media."

The Royal Digest
"Exploring Royalty Around the World"

The Royal Fanzine

"A FanZine for All Royal Lovers, By Royal Lovers." 

Royal Favourites

"A collection of Internet materials about the intimate lives of royals, aristocrats and commoners."

Royal Foibles
"An anecdotal look at ruling class misdeeds through history"

The Royal Forums

Royal news and topics from around the world presented by a host of authors.

Royal Hats
"Following the bold, beautiful, and bizarre world of royal millinery"

Royal Insider

Presented by Anglophenia on the BBC America site. Offering the latest news and commentary on the British royal family.

Royal Insight

Insight into the workings of monarchies with in-depth analysis, relevant historical content and interactive image galleries.

Royal Jewels of the World

Infrequently updated, but great pics and history.

Royal Magazin

A wide-range of all royal topics

Royal Musings

News and commentary about the reigning houses and the former European monarchies, with full articles from historical sources and links to current news stories plus historical photos. By the author of "Queen Victoria's Descendants."

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

Purely frivolous and perfectly harmless snark and admiration for all things stylish and royal.

The Royal Post

"An Insightful look at the royals we love"

Royal Rendezvous

A broad range of historical royal topics, including people you will rarely read about anywhere else.

The Royal Report Online Radio

Fun, informative, and humourous show about current events in the British Royal Family. Live Sundays at 9 p.m. EST (North America).

The Royal Representative

Provides "news and commentary about Britain’s royal family as well as Europe’s royals."

The Royal Roundup

"Fair and entertaining coverage of the world of the Windsors and royals all over the globe."

Royal Splendor

"Everything you need to know about the world of royalty."

Royal Travel and Events

This blogger travels to royal events and locations to bring you firsthand accounts.

The Royal Universe

The Royal Universe is an online reference about contemporary and historical royalty. It consists of a website, a blog, and a collection of articles.

The Royal Universe Blog

Updated by a host of royal experts, this blog is organized by more than 20 categories, including the various monarchies, jewels, book reviews, royal traditions and more.

The Royal Watcher

"Thoughts about royals"

Royal Women

This blog focuses on the history and biography of historical women with an emphasis on royal and noble women.


"Royal and Noble Archives, Memorabilia, High Society and Aristocracy, Jet-Set and Café-Society, Heraldry and more..."

Royals and Monarchs

"Opinionated and intelligent musings about the royals, royal families and monarchies around the world"

Royalty in the News

The latest on all the world's royals. To show readers what royals actually do--"a lot more than just sit around living the pampered life."

Royalty Now! Updates

A YouTube channel of video commentary about the British Royals. Associated with Mandy's British Royalty.

Royalty Online

News and photos about the world's royals.

Royalty Speaking

"A collection of thoughts, pictures, and ideas about the European royal realm."

Rue Royale

[French] News about the "crowned heads" and royal families of Europe from Le Soir.

Les Favorites Royales [French]
"La découverte du pouvoir secret des femmes"

Secretos Cortesanos [Spanish]
"Historias sobre la vida en las cortes más célebres y suculentos relatos de amores, intrigas, asesinatos, pasiones, extravagancias y manías."

Sofia's Blog
News about Europe's royals, sometimes with first-person accounts and photos of events.

Spanish Royals

"Spanish Royals  is exactly what it looks like:  a blog on the Spanish Monarchy. The present royal family, their current events, news, jewels, royal palaces, royal gatherings…"

Style of Mary

"The latest news, fashion inspiration and my passion for the Danish Crown Princess's work."

Susan Higginbotham
By Susan Higginbotham. Featuring research on Edward II, the Woodvilles, the Wars of the Roses, medieval and Tudor England.

The Sword & The Sea

"Tales of Scandinavia and the Baltic." Posts about royal houses of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and Imperial Russia.

Swedish Monarchy
"I've been a royalwatcher ever since I can remember. This blog is dedicated to the Swedish Royal Family."

Swedish Princesses (Polish)

"W styczniu 2014 roku założyła swojego pierwszego bloga o szwedzkiej księżniczce, który rok późnej przekształciła w Swedish Princesses Blog."

Swedish Royal Fashion

"I am an avid fan of the Swedish Royals and love the scavenger hunt of identifying Royal Clothing."

Swedish Royal House Mafia

"Welcome to Swedish Royal House Mafia! Created in February 2013, we were the first tumblr blog dedicated entirely to the much loved Swedish Royal Family."

Tea at Trianon

"A place for friends to meet... with reflections on politics, history, art, music, books, morals, manners, and matters of faith."

Tiara Mania
Tiara Mania is a blog about tiaras (obviously)! I started it in 2011, after several years of collecting information just for myself. Since then I have covered over 300 tiaras in encyclopedia style posts."

Tiaras and Trianon

The dual focus here is on Marie Antoinette and tiaras.

Tracey's Royal Blog

This blogger shares her own thoughts and passes along interesting stories from others. Launched in January 2011.

UFO No More

"This site hopes to bring you the most correct, up-to-date glimpse into the closets of the European Royal Ladies...we also hope to bring you articles about events you may have forgotten about and identifications of old and forgotten pieces!"

UK Royal Titles

Discussion about royal and noble titles in the United Kingdom.

Unofficial Crown Princess Mary Message Board

A lively conversation about Mary and her work.

Vintage Royalty

Launched at the end of 2016, this growing Facebook page offers a treasure trove of historic royal photos from throughout Europe.

What Kate Wore
Following Catherine's fashion choices because "her fashion choices reflect a time and place in fashion history that is pivotal."

What Kate's Kids Wore

"Our goal is to simply provide an ongoing compendium of pieces worn by Their Royal Highnesses [George and Charlotte of Cambridge], notable toys, gifts, or other items of note."

What Would Kate Do

"There are lots of things that we can look to Kate for  – inspiration, guidance and suggestion - which is what the true meaning of this blog is about."

William & Kate

The latest news on the couple.

The Windsor Knot

A royal blog from NBC's Today Show.

World of Royalty Web Site

News about royal families on every continent. Includes a page with great links about heraldry and geneology.

World of Royalty Blog

Companion to the main World of Royalty web site. “History, books, and anything else that catches my eye.” Links to latest royal headlines.

Writer of Queens

"I love royalty, Queen Victoria--all queens, infact---their lives and loves, where they lived and how they lived...the legacies they left, their children. I love to dig deep and find the unknown tidbits of their lives and I love bringing them to my own mind, and also now, to yours."

The Yorkist Age

"Mainly about the House of York (1385-1485) their families, friends and servants. However, the blogger reserves the right to witter on about anything he likes!"