Saturday, January 13, 2018

Non-English Blogs about Royalty

While most of the blogs we list are written in English (even when their authors hail from non-English-speaking nations), there are many great blogs that are written in several different languages. We have listed royal blogs in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Italian, German, etc. With this update, we are adding two blogs that focus primarily on royal history, one composed in French and one composed in Spanish. For those of you who prefer to read in English or other languages, check your browser for a "translate page" tool. These translations are imperfect, but at least you'll be able to understand most of the content.

Les Favorites Royales [French]
"La découverte du pouvoir secret des femmes"

Secretos Cortesanos [Spanish]
"Historias sobre la vida en las cortes más célebres y suculentos relatos de amores, intrigas, asesinatos, pasiones, extravagancias y manías."

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