Monday, July 10, 2017

Blogs by Historical Authors

Guess who loves history as much as certified historians? The writers of historical fiction! They put a lot of research and effort into making sure that they get the details in and around their stories accurately, even if the tales themselves are more or less fictive. Several authors of historical fiction have blogs devoted to the times and people they are researching for their writing projects. Here are a few of the ones who tend to include royal topics plus some writers of nonfiction who also share their research online.

Baroque Explorations
By Sandra Gulland. A blog about her research into 17th and 18th century life.

Edward II
By Kathryn Warner. "Why almost everything you think you know about Edward II is wrong; welcome to the site which examines the events, issues and personalities of Edward II's reign, 1307-1327."

History Refreshed
By Susan Higginbotham. "A Historical Novelist's New Perspectives on Old Times."

A Nevill Feast
By Karen Clark. "The Nevills were a hugely powerful and important family in the middle decades of the 15th century. They saw the Wars of the Roses from both sides (Yorkist and Lancastrian), but mainly from their own."

Susan Higginbotham
By Susan Higginbotham. Featuring research on Edward II, the Woodvilles, the Wars of the Roses, medieval and Tudor England.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Blogs with Broad Royal Perspectives

For those of you who enjoy reading about all of the European royals, here is a selection of sites for you to visit.

Radical Royalist
"These are troubled times, but I guess monarchists have something to say and something to offer as a possible solution for many problems that shake the world."

Royal Magazin
A wide-range of all royal topics

Royal Splendor
"Everything you need to know about the world of royalty."

The Royal Watcher
"Thoughts about royals"

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Princess Diana Blogs

In celebration of Diana Princess of Wales' birthday of this month and the 20th anniversary of her death next month, I thought it would be nice to spotlight some of the blogs and sites that focus primarily on the late Princess.

Deb and Diana Blog
Reviews of books about Diana by the author of a fiction novel about Diana.

The Lovely Diana
"Blog dedicated to Diana Princess of Wales, where I also thirst over her youngest son Prince Harry!"

Princess Diana Blog: All Things Diana
"We have been collectors of Royal Memorabila and Diana commemoratives since 1979!  We have the best selection of Princess Diana news and articles on our blog and we offer expert advice from time to time on collecting those rare Diana collectibles!"

Princess Diana Book Boutique
We offer books and collectibles "all of which is the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind Princess Diana boutique.  You will not find anything else on the internet like us!"

Princess Diana Fan
"Je suis une grande fan de la princesse Diana et sur les enfants de celle-ci ."

Princess Diana Forever
Documentation of Diana's life, words, associates, and royal duties.

Remember Diana
A Tumblr about Diana 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Added This Week: Some Catherine, Some History & a Polish Blog about Mary

HRH Duchess of Cambridge
"HRH's work, patronages and more."

Ksiezna Mary [Polish]
"The best source of information about the future queen."

Royal Favourites
"A collection of Internet materials about the intimate lives of royals, aristocrats and commoners."

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Added This Week: Land of Analie

The Land of Analie
"I am an unabashed royal watcher and London lover. I am very much in love with the tradition and history both offer, as well as the new twists the modern age has lent that tradition. (The pomp and glitter doesn’t hurt, either.)"

Royal Foibles
"An anecdotal look at ruling class misdeeds through history"

The [Danish] Royal House (YouTube)

The British Monarchy (YouTube)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Added This Week: Queens of England

Queens of England
"Royalty, queens, princesses and consorts. All things royal -- past, present and future."

The Royal Digest

"Exploring Royalty Around the World"

Monday, January 9, 2017

Added This Week: Tiara Mania

Tiara Mania
Tiara Mania is a blog about tiaras (obviously)! I started it in 2011, after several years of collecting information just for myself. Since then I have covered over 300 tiaras in encyclopedia style posts."