Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Victoria Martinez

Blogger Victoria Martinez was interviewed on the book blog, A Cup of Coffee and a Good Book, on June 9 regarding her book, An Unusual Journey Through Royal History. [Read the interview.]

In the interview, Martinez describes the book as follows: "An Unusual Journey Through Royal History is not your typical royal history book. The table of contents reads more like a menu at a good restaurant, where there’s something for everyone’s taste. Each of the 18 chapters tells a unique story about an overlooked or unusual aspect of royal history, spanning centuries and countries, but in no particular order. From first to last, they will take you on a journey through royal history you’ve probably never seen or thought of before. Chances are, even readers who usually find historic royalty boring and stuffy or modern royalty anachronistic and detached will find something to enjoy."

Martinez is the author of the blog, Arbitrary History.

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