Sunday, November 8, 2015

Recommended Blogs: On Tiaras

In my calendar, Thursday is THE best day of the week! Why? Because it is Tiara Thursday on The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, which is one of the best loved and most popular blogs documenting royal fashion across all of the royal houses. However, it is not the only blog that spotlights those sparkly tiaras that folks like me just can't get enough of. If you are into all things bright and shiny, and would like to know more about the history of these jewels, I recommend these great blogs:

The Court Jeweller
Just one of the blogs started by Ella Kay, who has been documenting royal jewels and fashion online since 2008, The Court Jeweller draws inspiration for its posts from the jewels being worn by royals each day. On Saturday's, however, you can enjoy "The Saturday Sparkler" focusing on one particular tiara. I also recommend "This Week in Royal Jewels" that is published on Sundays for a nice overview of that week's royal jewelry outings. The Court Jeweller is coming up on its second anniversary. Follow Ella Kay on Twitter: @thecourtjeweller.

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor
As mentioned above, OoSS has a tremendous following and one of the most active commenting communities I have ever seen. Dozens of readers engage in lively discussions about each royal fashion/jewelry post. The blog has regular features including Tiara Thursday and Sunday Tidbits, a round-up of royal news from the week. It also runs short-term features like the fantastic Sunday Brooch series about The Queen's iconic brooch collection that ran during the most recent jubilee year. Other frequent but not regularly scheduled features include Tiara Watch of the Day and Royal Flashback of the Day, looking at fashion from years gone by including sometimes the late Diana Princess of Wales. Follow this blog on Twitter: @orderofsplendor.

Tiaras and Trianon
Tiaras and Trianon offers information about Marie Antoinette and tiaras, because why not combine these two topics. Although published less frequently/regularly than the other recommended blogs, it still offers fun glimpses of royal jewels AND it introduces you to some long-gone royals that you won't necessarily find on the others.  Be sure to click on the headlines to get to the really in-depth coverage. This blogger can get a bit "colorful" in her language choices--but it all stems from her great enthusiasm for and creative approach to the topic. Follow this blogger on Twitter: @dauphiine.

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  1. Don't forget The Royal Post! There are a few fun tiara posts there :)
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